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Post-Op Instructions

Drawing of a molar tooth.

Crowns and Bridges

Here is what you can expect from a crown or bridge procedure and how to care for it properly afterwards.

Dental hygienist cleaning a man's teeth.

Deep Teeth Cleaning

A deep teeth cleaning is much different then a regular visit to see your hygienist. Here is what you can expect after the procedure.

Dental employee holding a set of false teeth

Denture Delivery

Read how you can properly care for your dentures after your dental delivery procedure.

Tooth and gums model in a dentist office.


Read what to expect from a tooth surgical extraction and how to care for it after the procedure.

Dentist examining a person teeth


Learn how to manage after you have just had a filling completed.

Dental tools side by side

Gum Surgery

Here is how you can best care for your gums after a surgical procedure.

Dentist working on a patient

Root Canal Treatment

Learn what to do after a root canal procedure.

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